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03 June 2017 at Danang, Vietnam

A Conference presented by the local AgileTour Organizers

About Agile{Tour}World

Agile{Tour}World : An Emergent Program

AGILE{TOUR}WORLD is an international conference that is the emergence from more than one hundred of AgileTour's local events. AgileTour is a series of events that communicates on Agile since 2008. These organizers took great care to make your local event unforgettable during the last ten years by selecting the Best Of their country for communicating on Agile. With AGILE{TOUR}WORLD, they design a new program from The Best Of this Best Of Content in the goal to make, another time, an international event unforgettable and important for the attendees and all local organizers.

AgileTour: Already 10 years!

The 2017 year will be also the 10 years old of AgileTour. It will also provide for the event organizers a time to privilege for celebrating this birthday. The best choice, for realizing this gathering, had to be closed to the Sun and under the banner of Fun. We choose Danang in Vietnam for sponsoring these symbols: Fun and Sun.

About Agile{Tour}World's Co-Chairs

The co-chairs are Event Organizers and great Leaders on Agile in different countries in Europe, North Africa, American, Eurasia and Asia.

Tai Huynh

Lean Agile Coach and Trainer, Finix Asia
Agile Vietnam

Tai Huynh

Lean Agile Coach and Trainer, Finix Asia
Agile Vietnam

Alexandre Cuva

Lean Agile Coach and Trainer
Agile Vietnam

Alexandre Cuva

Lean Agile Coach and Trainer, Finix Asia
Agile Vietnam

Patrice Petit

Manager, AgilBee
AgileTour's Founder

Patrice Petit

Manager, AgilBee
AgileTour's Founder

Registered speakers


Let enjoy your inspiring day in a lovely place in the world:

Da Nang, Vietnam – city of the endless beaches

Holiday Beach Danang Hotel, Mỹ An, Ngũ Hành Sơn
Da Nang, Vietnam

To reserve to Holiday Beach Da Nang from the 1st to the 6th June, click here

Some of you asked for other recommended hotel around the event.
Da Nang is a small city, so nearly everything is at 10-15 min.
For example the airport is at 10 min to the beach, look for hotel who are around:
  • Phuoc My - It's near the beach and so near the Holiday Beach Venue
  • Hai Chau - It's near the Han River, the tourist area where most of the night life is, 5 min from the beach
  • Airbnb - In any of district above are interesting solution as they tend to be cheap, around 15$/night

For the VISA Some countries can have a facilitate entries and some others no, there is not good sense on how it work. Currently there is the following options:
  • VISA Exemption - Some countries doesn't need VISA, check if you part of the most lucky one
  • E-VISA - The more convenient if you part of the lucky countries
  • VISA on Arrival - If you not part of the lucky one, then this one is the best, I used for many years until I got a resident card
  • VISA at the Vietnam Consulate or Embassy - The most expensive one and the least convenient.

Event Agenda


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We would like to invite great sponsors to help us professionally organize the first Agile{Tour}World in Vietnam and make participation in the event accessible to a broader audience.

Sponsoring Agile{Tour}World is not just providing support, but create a long-term partnership with AgileTour movement all around the world. Here’s what you need to know about our sponsorship program.

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Unlimited talks, games and workshops comprised within 3 tracks


Whether you are an Agile newbie or practitioner, you will find the best content for yourself. Join us now to get the useful stuffs for your career, obtain a new vision for the next years in coaching, leadership, culture, technology and innovation, make more friends and create unforgettable memories in Agile{Tour}World!

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Coach and trainer

Pierre E. NEIS

Lean Agile Coach Agile Tour Beirut 2016
Topic: Agile Culture and Organisational Shift

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